Xtream Codes 17-07-2021 For Free 100% Working!

Xtream Codes Free Updated

Xtream Codes 17-07-2021 For Free Working and Updated.

Below find the list of Xtream Codes 17-07-2021 for free and enjoy watching tv for free!

Xtream Codes 17-07-2021 List:

————— Code 1 ————-[ iptvrun.com ]

Host-Port : http://hbox.cdnss.me:80
username : bestcs
Password : bestcs

————— Code 2 ————-[ iptvrun.com]

Host-Port : http://ottin.me:8000
username : salam_000946
Password : ImHfNpi5

————— Code 3 ————-[iptvrun.com ]

Host-Port : http://firetv.vip:80
username : a0549743275r
Password : rt0549743275
User :20092009
pass :20092009
Username: arabic
Password: 3AFfe8Lpvf

host: http://best-servers.xyz:8000
passwrd: 3046728127636


Username: snappy-bein
Password: cLuYRru3Ko
Username: maroc
Password: EceibIsSvL

Host-Port : http://dragon2020.com:8080
username : osama

Password : osama

—————- Code 2 ————————–

Host-Port : http://bbgtv.iptv.life:8000

username : marius123

Password : marius123

—————- Code 3 ————————–

Host-Port : http://iptvpro.premium-itv.com:8789

username : ahmed

Password : 1234

—————- Code 4 ————————–

Host-Port : http://tt.rip:8000

username : 41681718250358

Password : 41211303

—————- Code 5 ————————–

Host-Port : http://bigtv.myftp.biz:62222

username : 12345

Password : 12345

—————- Code 6 ————————–

Host-Port : http://espana-premium.ddns.net:8000

username : SEBAS

Password : POSO

—————- Code 7 ————————–

Host-Port : http://iptv.lancar.tech:25461

username : hznlQUJYrP

Password : OP6Vzrxsmo

—————- Code 8 ————————–

Host-Port : http://ecuaplaytv.com:8000

username : katherine

Password : katherine

—————- Code 9 ————————–

Host-Port : http://iptv.oirza.com:8080

username : pfyzdsto

Password : 6kdq391IeM

—————- Code 10 ————————–

Host-Port : http://igelipurdia.live:8080

username : 7277286

Password : upOTtGJebS

—————- Code 11 ————————–

Host-Port : http://tv5full.xyz:25461

username : jesuschoque

Password : 12345

—————- Code 12 ————————–

Host-Port : http://ortak.vip:8080

username : ustun66

Password : ustun6

Xtream Codes 17-07-2021 More Codes:

———————-(IPTV XTREAM CODE# 01)————————-

URL+Port : http://thenew.tv:8000
User Name : CcxCYr8t5
Password : 9bSd781kKy
DownLoad M3u Playlist

————————-(IPTV XTREAM CODE# 02)————————-

URL+Port : http://egyman.net:1978
User Name : zaza10
Password : zaza10
DownLoad M3u Playlist

————————-(IPTV XTREAM CODE# 03)————————-

URL+Port : http://streaminglist.live
User Name : marcosmont40@gmail.com
Password : 2NX0iE
DownLoad M3u Playlist

————————-(IPTV XTREAM CODE# 04)————————-

URL+Port : http://netflexx.org:8000
User Name : mejo7XvNfd
Password : OHFwNmkgmp
DownLoad M3u Playlist

————————-(IPTV XTREAM CODE# 05)————————-

URL+Port : http://mundotv.xyz:25461
User Name : hyfSsXHpsT
Password : BRE0bHfzBa

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Xtream Codes IPTV takedown is a dominant topic on the streaming community right now and has so many aspects that either contaddict or just scare a lot of people. And going through most articles online, especially of the “old media” will get you more confused. So in this article instead we will try and make some sense of everything that happened with Xtream Codes and how that affects you.

The platform created by Xtream Codes is totally legal. While a lot of IPTV providers that use the specific platform may be illegal, a lot of them are not.

More about Xtream Codes 17-07-2021

Of course that is not for us to determine, there will be a judge and a lot of experts that should advise on this matter. But fact is that also totally legal and licensed IPTV providers are not working right now because of this takedown.

It all started by an investigation of the Italian Police GdF aka “Guardia Di Finanza”, the finance police section of Italy. They arrested a team of an IPTV provider that was working illegally by capturing italian paid tv channels and then streaming them online.

In the city of Naples, in an apartment, GdF found a lot of Italian Sky TV decoders that they re-streamed the channels online.

The whole operation started since the seller or a reseller was promoting his service on a Facebook page and that was what caught the attention of the Police.

When they started unveiling the IPTV providers infrastructure they noticed they were using Xtream Codes IPTV platform and since there were also foreign channels involved they contacted other countries authorities as well.

That all brought to a joint force named EUROJUST. Eurojust raided the Xtream Codes panel/backend servers.

You believe or not Xtream Codes IPTV Facebook Page is back online: https://www.facebook.com/XtreamCodes/ . Also a new website popped up with the URL as https://xtream.codes/ .

And while there are other option, other platforms that can substitute Xtream Codes, it is almost that the platform will come back. Maybe with more supervision, but they didn’t do anything illegal at the first place. And most what about IPTV providers?

Well, some of them that used this platform have already migrated to other platforms. But also some of them, took the money and run. After all this was the perfect excuse to close down, no questions asked and do act surprised if they open under a new name really soon.

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